The Orange Game is an oracle storytelling practice for collective future worldings.

Remixed from a teenage divination game that functions to read an individual, this practice works as a tool for reiterated and sustained collective worldings. 


Produced for GROUNDWERK/Thinking Together—an Experimental Online Workgroup on Future Worldings and Reproductive Futures—at MaerzMusik, Berlin, 24-26 March 2021. 

With appreciation to the first dreamers of this practice: Daniela Bershan (DE/BE), Laura Burns (UK), Fi James (UK), Roni Katz (IL/DE), Sheena McGrandles (IE/DE), Sarah Parolin (IT/DE), Andrea Rodrigo (ES), Xenia Taniko (DE), Giulia Tognon (IT/FR), Louise Trueheart (US/DE). 

The Orange Game is developed in conversation with Sarah Parolin.


The practice works as a sustained weaving, dreaming & reading a landscape together. A Weaver places the Dreamers somewhere, giving them each an Element to describe in turn. Collectively the Dreamers build a landscape. Each Element has a symbolism. The Reading at the end interprets the collective worlding.

The Orange Game is conceived as an open source, modulable, shareable collective practice that develops over time in accordance with the needs of the group. It can be passed on, re-worked, re-modelled, re-turned in a different form.

Sun Weaver/s, Shadow Weaver/s : Sun Weaver/s = hold the game, guide time, interpret; always know in advance that they are guiding/interpreting; decide upon the Elements. Shadow Weavers = spontaneous, necessary guiding, interpreting; they might appear before the game, during the game, in the interpretation; might appear as a solid continued presence or as a voice in the collective ear; witch, owl, whisperer.
Sun Dreamers, Shadow Dreamers : Sun Dreamer/s = are asked to storytell the Elements by the Weavers; they drift inside and respond to the structure; they are the oracle and unconscious of the landscape, they don't judge what they see. What comes to their minds, the collective oracle wants them to say. Shadow Dreamer/s = insist upon a detail in the Element that the Sun Dreamer/s have described; spontaneous, necessary additions, they see something important that the Sun Dreamer didn't describe; they are witness, lookout, outside eyes.
Elements : Change over time. Always have a corresponding symbolism. Simple enough to enter easily into the Dreamer/s minds. Easy to describe. Open enough to give possibilities and play. Threads. Given, collected, added by all. Known by the weavers in advance.

Weavers are birds = leading on, overseeing, mapping, they keep the guiding and the interpretation light, airy.

Dreamers are chameleons and shapeshifters = they wear different forms and skins in relation to what appears around them.

Sun = conscious, known in advance, stable, necessarily active.

Shadow = sub.conscious, spontaneous, insistent, active when necessary, revealers of what is unseen.